In my photographic work I am an autodidact. I use photography to represent certain feelings, like having your own place, borders, where are you coming from, layers in people.

I get inspired by transparency in many forms, trees with a human touch, things that do not fit, contrasts, metamorphoses, transitoriness, the different rituals people from different cultures use to define a new life, a place etc.  I see a lot of beauty and poetry in those rituals. And that’s among others what I want to catch with my camera.

Most of the time I build a setting. I use things like ice or other objects that disappear, or things that are broken.The image has to be ready before shooting, I plan everything in advance and use no editing afterwards.

The picture is the final product, that’s the only thing that stays. My work consists of many layers. Sometimes you do not see all the layers at first  sight. So you need some time to look a little bit longer. That’s what I also find interesting especially in a world where everything is going so fast.

I work with all kinds of cameras digital & analog.

My work is for sale.

If you’re interested in the story behind the different series or if you have any questions, you can always contact me.