Artist statement


Tamara Stoevelaar is a Dutch artist using analog & digital photography as a tool to build an image.

Always looking around collecting images and words using photography as a startingpoint , mixing different materials, like paper, cotton, ink to build an non-existing image.

Sometimes by building a setting, using things that will disappear, like ice, sick wood, paper.

In that case the image has to be ready before shooting, by planning everything in advance and no use of editing afterwards.  The photograph is the final product, that's the only thing that 

stays. The work consists of many layers, it takes some time to see what you see..



2019 Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag, An-esthesie group exhibition crossover graphic photography

2018  Rotterdam Architecture Month 2018, Rotterdam group exhibition

2018  OMI, Rotterdam, group exhibition

2017  Gallery art now, Rotterdam, group exhibition

2017  Inconcept, Rotterdam, group exhibition

2017  Niffo galerie Rotterdam, TRansparency group exhibition

2015-2019 Huiskamerexposities Jacobastraat Den Haag, yearly group exhibition

2017  BDH Centrum, Den Haag

2017  BDH Ypenburg, Den Haag 

2017  Parimar Den Haag

2016  Door Rotterdamse ogen Delfse Poort, Rotterdam, group exhibition

2015  Inconcept, Rotterdam Image of the City group exhibition

2011   Biënnale Kijkduin, Den Haag cooperation Studio Rouge5

2008  Bregjes rondleiding, Boymans van Beuningen Rotterdam group exhibition

2007  Voorstelvoor DCR, Den Haag, group exhibition





2015 MK Amsterdam

2015 Autonome beeld als inspiratiebron ACF, Amsterdam

2014 Fotoacademie, Amsterdam

2006 Beeldende kunst KABK, Den Haag